The Importance of Nutrition at Silver Maple Recovery

Nutrition is a very important part of addiction recovery. The brain, along with every other organ in your body, needs certain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to function well. Unfortunately, addiction can interfere with your nutrition levels, making you more susceptible to physical ailments, cognitive decline, mental illness, and emotional distress. Luckily, reintroducing proper nutrition can…

A man drinking too much at home because of the stress from social distancing.

Is My Loved One Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

Ever since social distancing became the norm, many of us have much more time on our hands at home. From catching up on Netflix shows to picking up new hobbies, we’re all finding ways to cope with the stress that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has wrought upon our daily lives. But what if your loved…

A man struggling with detoxing at home

Why Your Loved One Shouldn’t Detox at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down businesses, postponed entertainment like concerts and movies, and is suggesting we stay at least 6 feet apart. As stressful and inconvenient life has been since COVID-19 hit, your loved one could see this as an opportunity to get sober. With all the extra time and privacy your loved one…