A man using his credit card to cut lines of cocaine on his kitchen table.

What Does Cocaine Do to the Body?

When you first tried cocaine, you weren’t thinking about the long-term effects. It increased your confidence, helped you feel unstoppable and made everything around you become more vibrant. Then, the high started to dissipate and all you could think about was getting back to that incredible state of euphoria. Before you knew it, cocaine went…

Why Can’t My Spouse Stop Drinking

Why Can’t My Spouse Stop Drinking?

You can think back to a time where it was just you and your spouse enjoying your life together. But now, things have changed. Your relationship has developed a third member – alcohol. You know your spouse drinks too much, and you’re often left wondering why they can’t stop. Maybe their alcohol use disorder has…

A doctor checking a patient’s blood pressure while they are going through detox.

Why Your Body Needs Detox

You know you need help with your drug or alcohol addiction. You’re ready for a change, but something is holding you back: The fear of withdrawal. While withdrawal is a common reason why people like you don’t seek help for their addiction, it’s imperative that you don’t let it hold you back. The truth is,…