Break Free from Substance Abuse with our Opioid Treatment Centers

For many people in our community suffering from addiction to opioids and opiates, it was an obstacle they never saw coming. What started as a medication to help you recover from an injury, surgery or trauma, became a ruling force in your life. It’s frustrating going from feeling normal without opioids to not feeling complete without them.

Like many places across the country, Stark and Lorain counties in Ohio have suffered through the opioid epidemic. In fact, roughly 11.5 percent of Lorain county’s population has misused or abused opioids. That’s why Silver Maple Recovery is here to provide evidence-based opioid treatment to clients throughout Northeast Ohio.

At our family-owned opioid rehab centers, we are here for the local community and understand what it takes to help you recover from prescription drug addiction. The world is missing out on the best version of you, and our accredited treatment program can help you get back to the person you want to be.

Medication-Assisted Opioid Detox from Opioid Addiction at Silver Maple Recovery

Your path to recovery at Silver Maple Recovery starts with detoxification to get all of the toxins out of your system. When you come to our opioid rehab centers, you’ll meet with our expert staff who will guide you through detailed assessments about your health and history of substance abuse. Using their decades of experience as a foundation, our team will determine the best course of care for you.

You will have access to a private detox room, where medical staff will continually monitor your condition throughout the day and night. We know that opioids can be challenging to detox from, so if needed, we’ll use medication-assisted therapy in a comfortable and supervised environment to help you through the detox process.

At Silver Maple Recovery, we understand that when it comes to opioid detox, no two clients are the same. Our expert staff provides 24/7 supervision to monitor withdrawal symptoms and address your personal needs. By knowing your story and struggles, our team creates a treatment plan to help unlock your potential for lasting recovery.

What Sets Silver Maple Recovery Apart from Other Local Opioid Treatment Centers

Given the weight of the opioid epidemic in Lorain and Stark counties, what truly sets Silver Maple Recovery apart is our staff. With an average of 24 years of local experience, our team knows the unique traits of the area that play into addiction.

Using our clinical and evidence-based approach to treating prescription drug addiction, our team’s priority is helping you break the grip that opioids have had on your life. From individual and group therapy sessions to sharing new connections over a healthy meal, you’ll rediscover what life can be like without prescription drugs.

Our evidence-based therapy is here to bring a calming sense of hope to you and our community. Some of the treatment practices that we utilize include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • 12-Step Program
  • Abstinence Based Treatment
  • Family Therapy and Education

Sometimes, the hardest part of the recovery process is letting go of the addiction itself. You can live without abusing opioids and our evidence-based treatment can help you forge a second chance at a fulfilling and healthy life.

Evidence-Based Opioid Treatment Centers

Opioid addiction can become the ruling factor in your daily life, but that shouldn’t stop you from reconnecting with your best self. Take back control and begin your journey at Silver Maple Recovery, where we’re committed to helping you achieve long-term recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering from opioid addiction, we’re here to provide support. Our phones connect you to our team 24/7. Call 440-830-3400 or contact us online to learn more about our programs and to start to rediscover what life can be like without opioids.