outpatient treatment options

For some individuals, residential or inpatient program is not the ideal treatment method. Silver Maple Recovery offers evidence-based outpatient programming for both men and women. Outpatient programming, similar to residential treatment, is structured and comprehensive, offering individual, group, and family programming as well as dual diagnostic and psychiatric care. Additionally outpatient treatment affords individuals the flexibility to continue to work, or to maintain daily responsibilities while receiving the care they need.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Men and Women

An Intensive Outpatient Program, often referred to as an “IOP”, consists of nine hours of programming over three days each week. The length of an intensive outpatient program treatment is highly variable based on the needs of each client. During the three-hour treatment day, clients rotate through various treatment modules that address a variety of different topics including the science of addiction, core values of recovery, 12-step programming and relapse prevention strategies. Additionally, group work is central to IOP programming. However, we understand that at certain times, treatment needs to remain gender-specific in order for clients to be comfortable sharing and processing some of their sensitive experiences. Our staff are committed to maintaining a safe and trusting therapeutic environment, and know when it’s the right time to utilize group therapy.

Non-Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Men and Women)

The outpatient level of care is designed for individuals who have maintained a level of stability and achieved a period of uninterrupted sobriety. The frequency and intensity at this level of care provide ongoing support and connection as clients complete their transition from a higher level of care. By the end of an outpatient program, clients have successfully built an external support network, are actively practicing sobriety maintenance skills, and have implemented their community-based recovery plans. Non-intensive outpatient treatment generally consists of 2-4 hours of programming per week comprised of a combination of group and individual work. Relapse prevention, relationship maintenance and ongoing spiritual development are key areas of focus during this phase.

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