Break Free from the Cycle of Alcohol Addiction 

Alcohol has taken a lot from you and your family. Drinking has taken a priority over the other aspects of your life, and it may seem like there’s no way out. But the right support and treatment can open the door to hope, healing and a fulfilling life without alcohol.

At Silver Maple Recovery, we firmly believe every person is capable of breaking the vicious cycle of alcoholism. We provide our clients with high-quality alcohol treatment facilities in safe, private environments where you can focus on your recovery. Our experienced team utilizes evidence-based therapy methods to give you the best chance possible at returning to a life without alcohol.

Alcohol Detox Services at Silver Maple Recovery

When you come to Silver Maple Recovery, we aim to remove the fear and anxiety from the alcohol withdrawal symptoms you may experience. Our goal is to allow you to detoxify from alcohol in a comfortable and secure environment.

Many rehab centers send their clients to separate facilities to detox. At Silver Maple Recovery, you won’t be transferred to another facility – you’ll start your detoxification right at our rehab centers. You’ll begin by completing a detailed medical assessment administered by a member of our expert team. Once we determine the condition of you or your loved one, we use medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to do all we can to ease any alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 

Our alcohol detox program includes private rooms with 24-hour medical supervision to help you feel as relaxed and safe as possible. With a local medical team that has an average of 24 years experience, you can rest assured we make your well-being and recovery our top priority.

Evidence-Based Treatment for Alcoholism

The alcohol rehab program at Silver Maple Recovery was created using the most effective, evidence-based therapies available. Some of the treatment methods you will experience at Silver Maple Recovery include:

  • Medical-Assisted Therapy
  • Trauma-Focused Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Family Support, Education and Therapy
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment & Support for Co-Occurring Disorders 

When you arrive, our expert team will work with you to determine what treatment methods and strategies are best-suited for your needs, based on your personal challenges and history with alcohol.

What Sets Silver Maple Recovery Apart from Other Alcohol Treatment Centers

From the moment you reach out to us, we’re invested in helping you unlock your potential for a lifestyle free from addiction. Unlike other alcohol rehab centers in the Northeast Ohio, we use a proven curriculum of evidence-based therapies to help you get to the bottom of alcoholism and develop the tools and skills you need to heal and cope with future triggers.

Your journey towards recovering from addiction takes place at our family-owned and local alcohol rehab centers. Our locations keep you close to home in Northeast Ohio while still giving you the privacy you deserve when beginning your journey of recovering from addiction. We’re proud to offer alcohol addiction treatment in an area that has a history of using hard work to spark positive change.

From your emotional, physical and nutritional well-being to your ability to cope with challenges new and familiar – the core of our alcohol rehab program rests in empowering your ability to achieve long-lasting recovery.

Contact Silver Maple Recovery and Get Help for Alcohol Addiction Today

Alcohol addiction is a challenge that you don’t need to face alone. All it takes is a little momentum to make a change. Pick up the phone and call our team. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your call. Our experts can help answer your questions and show you what to expect in taking that first step towards a life free from alcohol addiction. Learn more about our program by calling 440-830-3400 or contacting us today.