Break the Cycle of Marijuana Addiction

You never thought smoking marijuana could turn into an addiction. At first, marijuana was just a way to unwind and have a good time. That is, until your tolerance set in. Before you knew it, marijuana became something you couldn’t function without.

While not as life-threatening as opioids or heroin, suffering from marijuana addiction still has the potential to cast a shadow over everyday life. Marijuana is the most popular drug in the country due to its ease of accessibility and growing social acceptance.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 11 million young people between ages 18 and 25 used marijuana in the past year. In addition, the relative percentage of THC (the main psychoactive chemical that causes psychological effects) contained in marijuana has continued to rise throughout recent decades. This means that the potential for dependence or addiction is increasing over time.

At Silver Maple Recovery, we know what you’re going through. Our marijuana treatment program is designed to help show you the value sobriety can have on your life. Together, we can put to rest the damage done by your addiction to marijuana and build a foundation for a future filled with possibilities without having to use.

A Caring and Effective Approach to Drug Detox

Unlike other drugs, marijuana addiction can take months or even years to develop. Many of our clients have engaged in marijuana abuse since their teens. This history of long-term use can add an extra challenge for our clients, since the habit was formed before addiction set in.

When you come to Silver Maple Recovery for detox, you’ll first go through physical and mental assessments led by our expert staff. Using their vast experience as a foundation, our team will determine the best course of action for the individual needs of you or your loved one. You’ll have access to a private detox room where our trained staff monitor your symptoms and use medication-assisted therapy to ease discomfort.

We know from walking the road to recovery with other clients that going through marijuana detox is sometimes met with hesitation due to the withdrawal symptoms that can arise, including insomnia, anxiety, irritability and cravings for the drug. That’s why we do everything we can to make you comfortable throughout the detox process.

What Sets Silver Maple Recovery Apart from Other Marijuana Addiction Treatment Programs?

Addiction is a disease, and it takes professional care to treat it effectively. Silver Maple Recovery’s marijuana rehab team has decades of experience working in the local area treating addiction. Our facilities are staffed with experienced, local practitioners who love their communities, it’s our mission to help fight addiction in Northeast Ohio.

Our evidence-based therapies and 12-Step approach instill a sense of accountability and optimism within our clients. Some of our marijuana treatment options and therapy methods you or your loved one will experience include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Abstinence Based Treatment
  • Therapy for Underlying Trauma
  • Family Education and Support Services

The realization that you’re in need of marijuana rehab doesn’t happen on a schedule. That’s why at Silver Maple Recovery, we have a live caregiver ready to answer the phone 24/7. We can’t make the decision to seek treatment for you – but we can make sure we’re here for you when you finally do make that courageous step forward.

Contact Us for Personalized, Comprehensive Marijuana Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one is suffering from marijuana addiction, hope for recovery is within reach. With marijuana rehab from Silver Maple Recovery, we know there is no one size fits all solution for addiction. That’s why our evidence-based therapy is tailored to the individual needs of each client, giving you the opportunity for lasting recovery.

We know at times it can feel like there is no way out – but that doesn’t have to be your reality. All it takes to start your recovery journey is channeling your inner courage to reach out for support. Give Silver Maple Recovery a call at 440-830-3400 or contact us online to break the cycle of addiction today.