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Alcohol and drug abuse are not exclusive to any specific group or population. It spans across race, socioeconomic status, gender and age. According to the National Institute of Health, over 23 million American adults have a substance use disorder, but tragically only about 25% will ever receive care or treatment for their addiction. Likewise, over 30% of adults have an alcohol use disorder but only 20% will receive the addiction treatment services they need. Untreated chemical dependency and addiction can have devastating impacts not only on the individual, but on the family.

A recent report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that an estimated 11% of children live with at least one parent who needs treatment. Those children are also three times more likely to become victims of abuse or neglect. Untreated chemical dependency also affects the economy, costing US employers about $81 billion a year, as 70% of current drug users are employed.

The Stigma Towards Addiction & Substance Abuse Disorders

Social stigmas regarding addiction are often significant influences in preventing at-risk individuals from seeking and receiving addiction treatment services. Addiction is often viewed as a “character or moral issue” rather than as a chronic disease. Addiction is often mischaracterized as a tendency, which can be cured with “will-power.” Sadly, this misconception results in failed attempts to ‘control’ use, further erosion of trust and self-esteem, lost opportunities, and sometimes death.

Addiction Treatment Services We Offer

Silver Maple Recovery offers two primary types of addiction treatment services: residential treatment and outpatient treatment options. Clients in our residential program stay at our facility for the duration of their treatment. This allows them to get away from any triggers or stressors in their home life. This addiction treatment program allows them to focus all of their time and energy on recovery.

Outpatient addiction treatment programs may be better for those with busier lives or who have already achieved a certain stability in sobriety. There are two types of outpatient programs: intensive outpatient and non-intensive outpatient. Which program works best for you will depend on your circumstances. We offer these programs to anyone in the Lorain, OH or surrounding areas.

When clients are enrolled in our outpatient addiction treatment program, they visit the facility for several hours a week and return home after their care. These types of programs are also an excellent step-down or transition program for those leaving a residential treatment program. This way, they still have support as they transition into an independent life in recovery.

Silver Maple Recovery’s Addiction Treatment Center

At Silver Maple Recovery, we provide judgment-free, compassion-driven addiction treatment in Lorain for individuals and families who are struggling with addiction. From your initial contact with our admissions department, through your entire course of treatment, you and your family will experience client-centered care, delivered in a respectful and hopeful environment.

To learn more about Silver Maple Recovery and our addiction treatment services, call us today at 8557627531.