The core mission of Silver Maple Recovery is to help clients restore hope and break the cycle of addiction by taking steps toward a healthy life in recovery. We believe that alcoholism and drug addiction are chronic, progressive conditions that require an individual to adopt a set of life long practices to experience lasting recovery. We are committed to equipping our clients with the learning, life skills, and spiritual practices that will empower them to experience healing in mind, body and spirit.

At Silver Maple Recovery, we believe that abstinence-oriented treatment that incorporates the 12-Step approach to establishing and maintaining ongoing recovery is a time-tested and proven method. While the 12-Steps are not treatment, our team believes that 12-Step principles being part of a comprehensive care plan constitutes best practice and provides the best foundation for clients to experience a successful treatment outcome.

The Silver Maple Recovery treatment philosophy is rooted in the understanding of addiction as a primary disease comprised of varied and complex manifestations. Our treatment is not focused on a singular substance or behavior. Rather, treatment addresses the underlying aspects of addiction—biology, psychology, spirituality—as they pertain to substance use and its consequences.

At the core of what we do is a strong foundation of compassion and optimism. We believe that each and every individual deserves freedom from addiction and can experience rich and lasting recovery.

Our mission rests on five fundamental values:

  • Innovation: Utilizing the most advanced techniques available in addiction treatment
  • Compassion: Caring for each person with empathy and respect
  • Creativity: Fostering growth through new ideas and improving practices
  • Integrity: Maintaining open and honest relationships with clients, families, and communities
  • Collaboration: Valuing the relationships we have with community providers, our partners and consultants

These values help galvanize Silver Maple Recovery as a leading addiction treatment resource committed to the health and vitality of our clients. We build customized treatment regimens around each client to help them thrive while in treatment and prepare for on-going recovery armed with the awareness, motivation and skills to maintain sobriety and lasting change.