Are you or a loved one struggling with substance addiction? If so, your Paramount insurance plan may be able to help you get coverage for treatment at Silver Maple Recovery.

We offer evidence-based practices to help break the cycle of addiction our clients often find themselves in. Our expert rehab team takes a highly personalized approach to treatment by taking the time to really get to know your unique addiction challenges. As Northeast Ohio’s premier provider of alcohol and drug addiction, we work with major insurance providers like Paramount to better serve you and our local community.

Paramount Insurance for Addiction Rehab

We know that paying for treatment is a significant concern for many people struggling with addiction in Ohio. Based on your Paramount insurance policy, part of or the entire cost of addiction rehab could be covered. The first step on your journey to recovery is confirming your coverage with Paramount. It’s common to have questions about Medicaid managed care plans like Paramount. The good news is, Paramount insurance is an in-network provider at Silver Maple Recovery.

Confirming Your Paramount Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment

Every insurance policy, much like every addiction, is unique. And even though Silver Maple Recovery accepts Paramount, we still recommend that you call them directly to confirm your coverage. An easy place to start is to find your insurance card and call the listed number. Be sure to have your benefits guide open during the call. Once you’re connected with a Paramount representative, ask about how your specific policy handles substance abuse treatment. You can call Paramount directly at (419) 887-2525.

In the event that your coverage is denied, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting coverage for treatment. While speaking with your Paramount provider, ask them about their appeals process. You will always have the option to appeal your denied coverage. This could entail writing an appeals letter and receiving a doctor recommendation for substance abuse treatment.

Paramount Insurance for Detox

Did you know that insurance companies like Paramount work with Silver Maple Recovery in part because of our specialized approach to detox? At Silver Maple Recovery, only focusing on your medical needs during detox isn’t enough. When you or your loved go through detox with us, you’ll also be enrolled in group and individual chemical dependency counseling. The fear of withdrawal symptoms can be a challenge for those seeking treatment. We’re proud to say that our detox program was built around addressing this concern.

When You’re Ready for Help, Silver Maple Recovery is Here

The journey to lasting recovery can begin today with help from Silver Maple Recovery. Reach out to one of our professional caregivers by calling 440-830-3400. Our team are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions about verifying your insurance coverage or our approach to substance abuse treatment.