Did you know that one of the main reasons people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction don’t seek help is because of their inability to pay for treatment? At Silver Maple Recovery, we use an evidence-based approach to help break the cycle of addiction. Part of what makes our approach unique is our expertise. And that expertise extends to insurance coverage.

If you or your loved one has Medical Mutual insurance, we’re here to give you some helpful information. As Northeast Ohio’s premier provider of substance abuse treatment, we work with trusted insurance providers like Medical Mutual to help you and other Ohio families heal from addiction.

Medical Mutual for Addiction Rehab

There’s no question that there are people suffering from addiction all across Ohio, and finding a way to pay for treatment can feel overwhelming. But there is hope. Medical Mutual is committed to doing their part to fight addiction in our state. Based on your insurance policy, part of or the entire cost of treatment could be covered. If you’re ready to start on your journey to recovery, the first step is confirming your Medical Mutual insurance for addiction. As an in-network provider, we have experience with Medical Mutual at Silver Maple Recovery.

Confirming Your Medical Mutual Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment

At Silver Maple Recovery, every addiction is unique and so are insurance policies. That’s why we recommend that you learn more about your specific insurance policy and what it covers. You can get a head start by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. When you talk to a Medical Mutual representative, they can even help you find in-network support like us to work with. If you call Medical Mutual directly at 1-866-488-3266, be sure to ask them how your policy handles substance abuse treatment.

When it comes to insurance policies, there’s a chance that your coverage for substance abuse treatment could be denied. But that’s not a reason to give up hope. When speaking with your Medical Mutual representative, be sure to ask them about your option to appeal if your coverage is denied and what that appeals process entails.

When You’re Ready for Help, Silver Maple Recovery is Here

The journey to lasting recovery can begin today with help from Silver Maple Recovery. Reach out to one of our professional caregivers by calling 440-830-3400. Our team are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions about verifying your insurance coverage or our approach to substance abuse treatment.