Without insurance coverage from companies like Anthem, finding a way to pay for addiction treatment can be daunting. But, based on your current Anthem policy anywhere from a portion to the entire cost of treatment could be covered.

At Silver Maple Recovery, we partner with insurance providers like Anthem to help you offset the cost of rehab and get the personalized, evidence-based treatment you need. It all starts with verifying your insurance. Get more information today and start your journey towards recovery.

How to Confirm Your Anthem Insurance for Addiction

When it comes to insurance policies, each one is unique. That’s why we recommend that you call your Anthem representative to confirm the type of coverage your policy has for addiction rehab services. Anthem has been known to cover a portion or the entire cost of the following services:

You can reach your Anthem insurance representative in Ohio by calling the number on your ID card or directly at 1-800-331-1478. If your coverage is denied for any reason, you will have the chance to appeal. Start by asking your representative about the details of the appeals process. It may require you to write an appeals letter or visit your primary care doctor to receive a recommendation for addiction treatment.

Anthem Insurance for Detox

Anthem Insurance can provide coverage for drug and alcohol detox under the behavioral health section of most health care policies. At Silver Maple Recovery, we provide extra support that won’t be found at other detox programs. Along with 24-hour support from medical professionals, our detox includes individual and group chemical dependency counseling. We believe that detox services should go beyond basic health needs to help make the transition into recovery as smooth as possible.

Recovery from Addiction is Within Reach at Silver Maple Recovery

If you have any questions about your insurance coverage or the treatment we offer at Silver Maple Recovery, call us today at 440-830-3400. We’re committed to helping you overcome your addiction. That’s why we have professional caregivers ready to talk to you 24/7. Dealing with drug and alcohol addiction is challenging, but you don’t have to try to overcome it alone. Support is waiting at Silver Maple Recovery.