Resting right up against Lake Erie in northwest Ohio, Lorain is a city where hard work and resilience are a part of daily life. Unfortunately, Lorain has not been immune to the drug addiction epidemic that has swept throughout the country. In fact, opioid and heroin abuse in Lorain County is roughly 2.5 times the national average.

At Silver Maple Recovery, an addiction recovery center right in the heart of Lorain, we’re dedicated to helping you or your loved one break the cycle of addiction. Being the only residential addiction treatment center in Lorain, we use evidence-based practices grounded in the best approaches of the addiction field to help foster lasting results.

We have addiction experts standing by ready to talk to you 24 hours a day, so give our team a call today.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Our residential treatment program replaces distractions, triggers and substances with the opportunity to build a foundation for recovery. When you come to our facility, you’ll have access to a team of certified psychiatrists and mental health counselors with an average of 24 years of experience.

At Silver Maple Recovery, we know that no two addictions are the same. This is why we follow a personalized approach to rehab, tailoring your treatment plan to your specific challenges and needs. We use evidence-based and clinical treatment techniques that are proven to help you overcome addiction and get on a path to sobriety.

Family Involvement

At our addiction recovery center, family involvement is emphasized in treatment. After all, addiction doesn’t just impact the person struggling, but their loved ones, as well. We provide family support in the form of education and counseling to help build a foundation for lasting relationships and sustained sobriety.

An Expert Approach to Detox

We know that the fear of withdrawal is one of the main drivers for people struggling with addiction not to seek help. At Silver Maple Recovery, our detox process begins with a comprehensive physical and mental evaluation. We even offer private detox rooms with 24/7 medical staff to make the process as comfortable for you as possible before entering residential treatment.

Driving Directions to Our Addiction Recovery Center in Lorain, OH

Silver Maple Lorain
2101 Silver Maple Way
Lorain, OH 44053
(440) 830-3400


Near: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Start by going southwest on Boston Mills Rd. towards Main St. for 2.89 miles. Turn left onto Black Rd., then take the first right on Boston Mills Rd. From there, turn right onto Brecksville Rd/OH-21 and merge onto I-80 W. After 28 miles look for EXIT 145 Lorain Blvd. and OH-57, then merge onto OH-2/I-90 W toward Toledo. In 1.19 miles, merge onto OH-2 W toward Lorain. Continue on OH-2 W until you see the OH-58 Exit. Take the exit and turn right onto N Leavitt Rd. In one mile, turn right on Silver Maple Way. Silver Maple Recovery will be on the right.


Near: Cedar Point

If you’re traveling east along the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail/US-6 E, you’ll want to turn right onto Rye Beach Rd. You should see the Thirsty Pony Restaurant on the corner. Once on Rye Beach Rd., merge onto OH-2 E toward Cleveland by taking the ramp on the left. Stay on OH-2 E for 22.30 miles until you can take the OH-58 exit towards Amherst/Lorain. After a quarter of a mile, turn left onto N Leavitt Rd. Continue straight until you can turn right onto Silver Maple Way. From there, you’ll find Silver Maple Recovery a few blocks down the road on your right-hand side.