Heroin Treatment to Release Yourself from the Grips of Addiction

You didn’t set out to become addicted to heroin. Maybe it started from a needed drug prescription that escalated or it was something you just wanted to experiment with once or twice. Either way, we understand what you’re going through – being frustrated and feeling like you’re in a hole that seems impossible to climb out of. But, we’re here to tell you that recovery is possible.

At Silver Maple Recovery, our heroin addiction treatment program uses evidence-based therapies that have been proven to help people like you or your loved one recover from heroin addiction. As an inpatient detox facility, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality addiction treatment and support to the Cleveland area and Northeast Ohio.

No matter where you are on your journey, addiction does not define you as a person. Find out more about our approach to heroin treatment.

Heroin Detox Center in Ohio with MAT for Withdrawal Symptoms

From worrying about withdrawal symptoms to feeling like you don’t have the time in between your work and family responsibilities, it can be easy to avoid a proper heroin detox. But the reality is you need to go through a safe detox in order to get your life back. 

You will have access to a private detox room, where members of our expert staff supervise and monitor your withdrawal symptoms around the clock. Depending on the severity of your withdrawal, we also work in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and therapies to help ease the discomfort of the detoxification process.

Our team of experts have an average of 24 years of experience, and will provide you with 24/7 care and supervision to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Detoxification is an important first step in your recovery, and we’re committed to being by your side the whole time.

The Silver Maple Recovery Approach to Heroin Addiction Rehab

For our clients suffering from heroin addiction, working towards lasting recovery is a rewarding path filled with redemption and rediscovering the value of sobriety.

To help you along this path, our heroin treatment program was created by researching the most effective evidence-based therapies available. Some of our evidence-based heroin treatment practices include:

During your stay at Silver Maple Recovery, you’ll work with our highly experienced staff who will utilize evidence-based therapy methods to get to the bottom of your addiction. We will help you or your loved one develop new ways to cope with addiction and mental health triggers. We know that addiction is frustrating and scary, but we can help you recover with our clinically-proven approach.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Heroin Treatment Centers in Ohio

Clinical and evidence-based therapy methods are at the epicenter of our heroin rehab program. For many of our clients, after they began using heroin or other opioids, their life became dedicated to their addiction. By using proven clinical therapies in our heroin treatment programs, we help you rebuild the foundation you need for a fulfilling life of sobriety.

At Silver Maple Recovery, we cut through the distractions of the outside world so or your loved one can focus on healing. You’ll stay busy throughout the day – with each therapy session, healthy meal and social connection, unlocking your potential to move forward from the grips of substance abuse will be as painless as possible.

It all takes place in our specialized heroin treatment centers in Ohio. With locations in Northeast Ohio, we give you the connected feeling of the area with the privacy you need to take full advantage of the healing process.

Change is Possible with a Comprehensive Heroin Recovery Program

While heroin addiction is a debilitating disease, it’s possible to regain control over your life. We know that the treatment process may seem intimidating, but at Silver Maple Recovery, you won’t go through it alone. If you’re looking for a heroin treatment center that can remove the shadow addiction casts on your life, Silver Maple Recovery is here with a helping hand.

The realization to get help for a heroin addiction doesn’t happen on a set schedule. That’s why when you call Silver Maple Recovery, you’ll have access to a caregiver who’s ready to help you start the journey to recovery any time, no matter if it’s day or night. Learn more about our heroin rehab centers by calling 440-830-3400 or contacting us online today.