When you’re struggling with substance abuse, nothing else matters. Activities you used to enjoy and daily responsibilities become secondary. You’re at the point where you want to get treatment for your addiction, but the cost may be preventing you from doing so.

Molina insurance for addiction treatment can help you offset the cost of rehab. If you have Molina insurance, your journey to recovery can be closer than you think.

Silver Maple Recovery is a premier residential treatment center in Lorain, Ohio that works with major insurance providers like Molina to help those suffering from substance abuse. Backed by an evidence-based approach, we offer men a full continuum of addiction treatment care. If you’re interested in learning more about how addiction treatment with Molina insurance works, take a look at the helpful information below.

Molina Insurance in Ohio for Substance Abuse

We know that finding a way to pay for substance abuse treatment can feel overwhelming. But, based on your current Molina insurance policy, anywhere from a portion to the entire cost of treatment could be covered. Start by contacting Molina insurance. You’ll want to tell the representative that you need addiction treatment and want to find out what sort of coverage your insurance policy includes.

In addition to covering inpatient addiction treatment, your Molina policy could also cover outpatient treatment that includes PHP and IOP levels of care. After all, no two addictions are alike, and you should have the option to pursue the best treatment for your recovery.

How to Confirm Your Molina Insurance for Addiction

Every insurance policy is unique, and policies with Molina are no exception. That’s why we recommend that you call your Molina representative to confirm the type of coverage your policy has for substance abuse treatment. It’s possible that Molina will put you in contact with a case manager who will ask for more information about your struggle with substance abuse.

Addiction treatment with Molina insurance has been known to cover the following services:

Molina Insurance for Medication-Assisted Treatment

Molina Insurance does offer coverage for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) under the behavioral health section of some of the health care policies they offer. At Silver Maple Recovery, our full continuum of care allows us to fully utilize MAT to help clients on their recovery journey.

Medication-assisted treatment is an evidence-based supplement to treatment that can increase the sobriety rates of clients. Our MAT program is run by our certified addiction medicine physicians, who asses each client on an individual level.

Recovery is Possible with Help from Silver Maple Recovery

If you have any questions about your Molina insurance coverage for addiction treatment, Silver Maple Recovery has professional caregivers ready to talk with you 24/7. Call us today at (440 830-3400. Dealing with substance abuse and finding a way to cover the cost of addiction treatment can be challenging. But you’re not alone. Find support for your recovery journey at Silver Maple Recovery today.